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In a society that promotes smoking tobacco products, there is also a market for smoking cessation products and methods to help people quit smoking. While the results of store-bought products and self-care methods are mixed, professional medically-guided treatment stands above the rest. This is due to the fact that professional smoking cessation focuses on both the body’s physical craving along with the psychological behavior that spurs frequent and life-threatening cigarette use.

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Understanding Smoking Cessation

With both physical and psychological causes behind smoking tobacco products, our treatment can help to address both of them. People who only target the physical dependence with medication will find they need something else to control and satisfy the mental desire to smoke. We can find healthy and effective methods to help people deal with the cravings of smoking cessation.

We can guide you through the process of quitting smoking and tobacco use for a healthier and brighter future with customized treatment to your needs.

Smoking cessation is not just about quitting smoking. One of the most common types of smoking cessation that people will try is going cold turkey. This means that people will completely stop the consumption of smoking cigarettes or other tobacco products. The issue is that many people who attempt this method do not seek any help or support from other people.

In many cases, going cold turkey only leads to the patient being unsuccessful. While going cold turkey with the proper support can be effective, it is important to seek treatment from professionals who can help guide the patient through the process. Our treatment can combine medication and therapy to help patients:

  • Identify the behaviors and emotional triggers that promote smoking
  • Developing alternative actions to avoid smoking and situations that promote smoking
  • Find a balance of medication and therapy
  • Determine if a nicotine patch will be helpful
  • Build a support system of people and activities to prevent smoking
  • Learn to cope with the cravings of smoking tobacco

Our goal is to help patients develop a lifestyle that does not revolve around smoking. People who do not seek professional treatment may struggle with others not believing the cravings are a real problem. Even though smoking tobacco does not have as strong of an addiction risk as other drugs, people can develop dependence to it with continued use. In fact, it will get to a point in which people consume up to several packs of cigarettes a day.

Signs of Smoking Addiction

Smoking is not good or healthy for the body no matter how few cigarettes a person consumes. From damaging the lungs by leaving plaque in the lungs to causing lung cancer, smoking tobacco can cause a plethora of health issues. That being said, people who smoke cigarettes regularly may feel they have a handle on it.

The reality is that they slowly begin to smoke more and more on a regular basis until they are smoking unhealthy amounts. Signs of smoking addiction or dependence include:

  • Needing to smoke several packs of cigarettes a day
  • Hiding the smoking from friends and family
  • Being jittery and irritable when unable to smoke
  • Getting sick or experiencing other related health issues

Smoking Cessation Process

The smoking cessation process will involve first address several factors in a medical examination. We will review the patient’s medical history and current condition, along with any potential allergies we have. We will then ask a series of questions about the patient’s smoking that can include, “How many cigarettes do you smoke in one day?” or “Why do you smoke?” or even, “Do you smoke with friends or family members?”

After a few more questions, we will use the results to help build a customized treatment plan to meet the patient’s needs. Even just hours after someone stops smoking cigarettes, the body experiences health benefits that include healing from the effects of nicotine consumption. The number of appointments will vary per each patient.

We will also go over relapse prevention techniques and what to do when a relapse occurs. Above all else, we strive to reassure patients that support is available if they want to seek it. Similar to people struggling with drug addiction and other health issues, they have to be willing to seek treatment in order to begin healing.

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