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It is a slippery slope toward alcohol addiction that sneaks up on many. What starts out as casual drinking with friends and family can slowly build into dependence and then into a full-blown addiction. Many people will not realize this is a problem until it is too far along to simply stop consuming alcohol. Alcohol addiction treatment is an effective way to beat an addiction while also rebuilding one’s life.

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The Goals of Alcohol Addiction

People will continue to lose control of their lives due to alcohol addiction, finding it more difficult to complete even simple tasks, such as sitting at a desk during work or socializing with people, unless they can have some alcohol drink of choice. This disease can affect people of all ages and has multiple causes. Our treatment can help patients receive the treatment they need.

Do not hesitate to seek alcohol addiction treatment and begin the path toward beating the addiction and reclaiming control of your life.

There is no single one-size-fits-all method for treating alcohol addiction. Since each person is unique and there are various levels of alcohol addiction, each person may need a unique approach. Contrary to popular belief, addiction treatment does not always involve hospitalization or in-patient care at a facility unless absolutely necessary.

Since people may not be able to control their actions when struggling with alcohol addiction, we may need to have a more controlling role with treatment in their life. In other cases, the patient will only need outpatient care with regular visits to our treatment center while continuing daily routine. No matter the type of treatment, the goals will usually involve:

  • Detoxification before anything else
  • Customized treatment to individual patient’s needs
  • Examining the patient’s health and medical history
  • Helping the patient adjust to the treatment plan
  • Helping the patient build a support network in life
  • Introducing the patient to alcohol anonymous or similar groups
  • Identifying negative behaviors that fuel the addiction and finding methods to avoid them
  • Learning to avoid unhealthy situations that promote consuming alcohol
  • Finding support to remain sober and continue toward a healthy lifestyle
  • Learning to cope with addiction

Identifying the Signs of Alcohol Addiction

People who struggle with alcohol addiction will face the challenge of living in a world that promotes alcohol consumption nearly everywhere. Even with a focus on responsible drinking, people trying to remain sober will find almost all restaurants and grocery stores offer a variety of alcohol selection. While people can experience different symptoms when it comes to alcohol addiction, there are common symptoms that seem to occur in most.

The real issue stems from people who casually drink alcohol on a regular basis not realizing when it begins to shift to addiction. Signs and symptoms of alcohol addiction to keep an eye out for include:

  • A sudden increase in the number of drinks consumed in several hours
  • Sudden anxiousness to be near alcohol or to get alcohol
  • Drinking in the morning or during the day on a regular basis
  • Drinking alcohol during work or other places where it is inappropriate
  • Needing alcohol every day
  • Hiding alcohol or drinking alcohol in secret
  • An increase in depression or other emotional issues
  • Violence or aggression when intoxicated

Part of the issue is that alcohol addiction only worsens the longer it remains untreated. While there are medications that can help with detoxifying the body of the alcohol, it will not help to treat the addiction. Thus, the patient will still struggle with the addiction and desire to consume alcohol.

Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Our alcohol addiction treatment will involve more than helping the patient to get clean of the alcohol in their system. The main requirement for effective alcohol addiction treatment is that the patient has to want to get treatment. Along with that, the patient will have a long road to recovery to curb the addiction.

This difficulty is due to the fact that alcohol addiction can re-wire the body and the brain’s communication system to make the body believe it needs alcohol on a regular basis. People who attempt to treat alcohol addiction alone will find it extremely difficult, no matter the severity of the addiction. Our treatment process can include several methods.

After cleansing the patient of the alcohol, we will consider therapy and appointments to help the patient identify the negative behaviors and situations that promote drinking. If there is an underlying mental health condition, such as anxiety or depression, that promotes alcohol consumption, we will customize a treatment to accommodate that.

We will also introduce the patient to Alcoholics Anonymous or other support groups who can help the patient build a new life through recovery without alcohol in their life. If you or a loved one is struggling with alcohol dependence or addiction, give us a call today.

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