Why Older Adults Should Visit us for Counseling in Massapequa

We provide counseling in Massapequa and often help older patients to navigate through life changes brought on by age and both physical and lifestyle changes. This can cause many older adults to experience dissatisfaction and even depression as they age. Even those who have found that their life was genuinely rewarding may go through this. Visiting a counselor can help.

Why older adults can sometimes struggle with this oppression and dissatisfaction

1. Generativity

It is common for older adults to reach a point in life where they are not satisfied with their own individual accomplishments. Even if they have built successful companies, built up a comfortable retirement and had children, it is perfectly normal to reach a point where adults are looking for something more. This desire to contribute something lasting is called generativity. It often involves looking to create a legacy. It comes down to wanting to make a bigger impact on society as a whole and feel as though their life has been meaningful. When many of our older patients visit us after achieving success they are confused by why they are dissatisfied and can quickly find that by refocusing their energy and efforts on something that is for the greater good, they begin to feel happier and sometimes even healthier.

2. Loss of relationships

As a provider of counseling in Massapequa, we have found that our older patients who have a solid support system are typically healthier and happier. This can be challenging after losing a spouse, best friend, etc. due to an illness or age-related death. This loss can sometimes have a greater impact on older adults than it has on someone who is younger and in a different season of life. We can help patients who are going through this to grieve and then find ways to connect with other people so they can again experience some of the benefits of having a social support system.

3. Physical restrictions

A common challenge with aging is that there can suddenly be physical restrictions brought on by illness or a general loss of mobility. This can also lead to unhappiness and depression. We help patients to learn how to deal with these changes in as positive of a way as possible and very often, we help patients to identify new hobbies or activities they can engage in that do not require them to be so mobile.

Visit us for help

Ultimately, counseling in Massapequa is for anyone who needs help navigating through a lifestyle change or who is feeling depressed or dissatisfied with life. We have helped many older patients to find renewed fulfillment and invite you to call and experience the benefits of counseling as well.

Also, if you have an older family member you think could benefit from therapy or a fresh outlook on life, give us a call and make an appointment. We would be happy to speak with them, create a plan and begin working to help them reach a better state of being and improve their quality of life.

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