Tips for Psychiatric ADHD Treatment and Management

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Without psychiatric help, the effects of ADHD can disrupt everyday tasks that must be completed. This can include procrastinating on important tasks, such as paying bills and organizing the home. For children, it may mean difficulty keeping up in school or maintaining relationships with other students. Whether a patient is an adult or child diagnosed with ADHD, psychiatric treatment could be the best possible option to help manage ADHD and similar conditions.

Why psychiatry?

Because a psychiatrist is a trained medical doctor, they can provide physical, mental and behavioral treatment to their patients. Their ability to both prescribe medicine and provide behavioral therapy makes it easy for those with ADHD to have a professional help them create a flexible plan and monitor long-term reactions. Knowledge of a patient’s body and mind is important when considering the many ways that ADHD can be treated, especially because it is different for everyone.

Treatment for children and young adults

It is understandable for parents to hesitate before giving their child ADHD medication. What is recommended for children is to try a combination of both behavioral therapy and medication. However, starting with therapy and developing lifestyle changes provides an alternate avenue of treatment, and for some people, this may prove just as effective as medication. Behavioral therapy is not only available to the child but also for family members and educators. This is a way to teach caregivers how to reduce bad behaviors and reward good ones starting at home or school. If this does not solve all the difficulties that a child experiences, that is when a psychiatrist may recommend exploring certain medications.

Co-existing conditions and their effects

Perhaps underlying ADHD symptoms are part of another serious mental or behavioral disorder, such as depression, addiction, anxiety or bipolar disorder. A psychiatrist can help diagnose other conditions that one may also be suffering from. Because certain medications for other disorders can aid or disrupt ADHD symptoms, psychiatrists become crucial in the treatment process, as they can help treat multiple disorders at once and monitor the types of therapy and medication given to the patient.

Seek an expert, be an expert

Although your psychiatrist will be the best person to consult for any type of treatment plan, you can certainly educate yourself on the options for the management of ADHD. Know the differences between medications such as stimulants and non-stimulants. Keep track of your daily patterns: When do you experience the most difficulty paying attention or controlling impulses? This will ensure an even more successful conversation with the specialist, as well as a more individualized and specific development of a plan. Beginning the process is as easy as scheduling an appointment with one of our professionals by clicking the link below. You can also call our office, and while we're on the phone with you, feel free to ask any questions about ADHD treatment that you may have.

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