There are Multiple Aspects to an ADHD Treatment

With many ADHD treatment options available, it is crucial for a parent, caregiver, or patient to learn more about the different possibilities. These treatment types can differ patient to patient, and so it is best to speak with a physician. In the meantime, conducting research and learning about the options can prepare a patient for a consultation with the doctor.

Learn more about the treatment options available for those with ADHD.

Medications are available

There is a range of drugs available for those that have ADHD. This type of ADHD treatment is often the most recommended by physicians, and a lot of the medications that are approved to treat the condition have been shown to offer promising effects. The type of medication that a patient or parent chooses depends on the individual that will be taking the medication, their health history and the severity of the ADHD. A doctor in our office can recommend which would work the best.

There are both stimulants and non-stimulants that can provide the patient with symptom relief. It is also recommended that the patient take the medication during school or work hours, but not around the clock. This will help during the times when it is essential but allow the body and mind to have a break when it is not needed.

Behavioral therapies

Behavioral therapy and being mindful are great exercises and ways to improve ADHD symptoms. This can be given as well as medication, or it can be provided as the only ADHD treatment plan. A specialist can work with the patient to help direct their attention and make them mindful of when their symptoms are starting to become more apparent and disruptive. They can then correct these behaviors when they notice them, allowing patients to help control the condition.

Diet and exercise

Some people prefer to work on the symptoms of ADHD through diet and exercise routines. These can help burn off excess energy, keep the body healthy, and the mind sharp. By staying away from stimulants such as caffeine and sugar, as well as specific dyes in foods, those that have ADHD can reduce the effects that it has on the body. The specific diet that is followed depends on the nutritionist and what they recommend.

Speak with a physician in our office

Finding the right ADHD treatment is essential. It is essential that the person with the condition work closely with a physician to find the best plan of action. Before making a recommendation, we will conduct an examination, learn more about a patient’s health history, and go over any symptoms while also discussing goals. We can then prescribe the best treatment options. Our goal is to reduce the signs symptoms that a patient may be experiencing and help them to live a better life. To discuss the options in further detail, call us.

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