Psychiatric Evaluations: How They Can Help You

Psychiatric evaluations can be beneficial for anyone who is needing to diagnose a behavioral problem, have anxiety or depression treated or to gain a better understanding of their emotional and mental thought processes. It is common for people to simply feel unwell mentally and emotionally but be unclear as to what is causing their anguish or discomfort. An examination can help to determine what the source of the problem is so that it can be corrected as quickly and efficiently as possible. This is wise and important for preventing the condition from worsening over time.

Are you depressed?

It is estimated that depression alone impacts 16 million adults annually. That is 6.9% of the population in the United States and something that requires significant attention. There is a difference between feeling down or sad occasionally and being clinically depressed. Anyone who thinks that they may be should schedule an examination right away because undiagnosed depression can be fatal.
This and other mental and emotional health conditions can be treated by a psychiatrist so it is worth scheduling an appointment with our office to start the recovery process.

Start with an examination

Psychiatric evaluations are a way to assess a situation and identify what treatment solutions may be relevant and useful. When it comes to mental health, it is better to have a firm understanding of the situation rather than making assumptions and evaluation is key to that process.

What to expect from a psychiatric evaluation

This is a medical test similar to a physical evaluation completed by a doctor, only the patient's mental and emotional health is being evaluated. However, sometimes it is necessary to also take bloodwork and even x-rays to determine if there are physical health problems contributing to mental and emotional challenges.
In a straight psychiatric evaluation, we are addressing mental and emotional health only. The assessment itself is typically inclusive of -
  • Informal tests and surveys
  • Reviewing medical information
  • Making observations
  • Taking norm-referenced psychological tests
The results of this information combined can create a picture for a psychologist to understand what is truly happening with the patient. A clinical interview may also be part of that process.

Do not be concerned about this test

There is no pass or fail. Instead, the results are used to try and make an accurate diagnosis to create a treatment plan that can provide the best possible value to a patient. Our job is to help patients be as comfortable as possible with the process, be clear when presenting information and work collaboratively to reach solutions for improved mental and emotional health. This means that we do our best to help patients feel comfortable, relax and create a situation where communication is possible. We will need to ask questions and providing accurate answers is necessary for us coming up with a diagnosis and treatment plan. Everything said is confidential so there is no need to put on an act or worry about being judged. Truth is all that matters since it can lead to healing.

Call for help

We are here to help you recover and thrive. For help, schedule a psychiatric evaluation today.

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