Our Addiction Treatment Could Save Your Career

Visiting our office for an addiction treatment could save your job. Addiction often impedes a person's career as it can interfere with performance, make someone unreliable, create conflict and even lead to termination. If you are fearful that your job is suffering from your addiction or worried that your boss will find out, it is time to take the first steps in getting sober.

How can I get an addiction treatment with no one at work noticing?

This is a question we receive regularly. Those who are worried about their work performance are equally concerned that if someone found out they are using drugs. They may be immediately terminated or that their reputation would permanently suffer. This is true for those who are hooked on drugs and those who are addicted to alcohol.

Since most treatment facilities require people to check in and stay for an extended period, it can make it very difficult for people to seek the help they need. However, we do things differently. Our addiction treatment occurs on an outpatient basis so it is possible for our patients to live life like normal while they are getting clean and sober.

Will people notice my withdrawal symptoms?

It is true. Withdrawal symptoms can be horrible. They can make a person feel weak, sweat excessively, or be nauseous and irritable. Showing up to work like definitely gets noticed and could lead to disciplinary action. This is something that everyone naturally wants to avoid. Unfortunately, withdrawal symptoms will happen if a person tries to get sober on their own. However, with our treatment, withdrawal symptoms are reduced and often eliminated completely. So, if a patient is visiting us for treatment, no one should notice anything.

How does the addiction treatment work?

We prescribe medication that helps our patients to stop using drugs and alcohol without experiencing withdrawal symptoms. This medication is only taken for a brief time, and how long will be determined during a consultation. We monitor patients the entire time through appointments and phone calls so if anything seems off, we can adjust the dosage is necessary.

While the medication is key to reducing the withdrawal symptoms, we also suggest that patients undergo therapy. This is necessary for staying sober. Getting through the initial withdrawal is only part of the battle. Staying sober afterward can change a person's life and in this case, preserve their career.

How can I be sure that my information will stay private?

We are discrete and keep all patient information confidential. Those who do not want us to use their insurance can discuss financial payment options with our office. We understand the necessity for privacy and assure patients that their information is not shared.

What if I have tried to get sober before and failed?

There is still hope. Recovering from addiction is difficult. We make no bones about the fact that many people who try to get sober can fail. The difference is that most people try without help or the right support system in place. Trying to get sober without our treatment methods is hard. This leads many people to give up after just a couple of days.

With our treatment, the symptoms are reduced so our patients do not struggle like that. Plus, with the addition of therapy, we help patients to identify certain triggers to using drugs and alcohol and some people or situations that enable that choice. After identifying them we can come up with new ways to avoid those triggers, situations and people. This can increase the likelihood of long-term sobriety.

Learn more about our addiction treatment

We encourage you to visit our office and learn more about how we can help you to get sober and stay sober. Or call us at (631) 773-1096.

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