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We provide an alcohol addiction treatment that can help patients to break free from this terrible and life-threatening addiction. Alcohol is something that cannot be taken for granted. Abuse is relatively easy and common. However, there is a difference between drinking socially and having a drinking problem. For those who have reached the point where they must have a drink and if they do not, they experience withdrawal, the addiction has reached a point of needing immediate intervention. The same is true if alcohol is starting to cause a negative impact on life in general. For example, if work performance is declining, the family has complained, it is impossible to meet daily commitments and be responsive, it is clear that alcohol has become a toxic substance both from a health perspective and from a lifestyle one. At this point, it is time to call for treatment.

Where to go for help

It can be difficult to know where to go for treatment or how to get started. This is especially true for anyone who knows that they need to get free from alcohol but are either unwilling or unable to check themselves into a facility. While it can be highly beneficial to be somewhere safe during the detox period, it also means taking time off of work, arranging for childcare and explaining to everyone why there has been a sudden absence. In these cases, it can be far easier to have an outpatient treatment. Fortunately, it is now possible to beat an alcohol addiction using these outpatient methods.

Medication can help

We can meet with patients and discuss our alcohol addiction treatment. If it seems like a good fit, we can prescribe a medication that can be taken to help reduce the symptoms of withdrawal. This is important because withdrawal symptoms can include bad fevers, shaking, sweats, vomiting and terrible moods. These things can be so severe that they make it difficult to remain committed to quitting and impossible to engage in normal activities while the patient is detoxing. However, with the use of medication, the withdrawal symptoms during detox are minimal and some patients barely even notice them. This makes it possible to continue living life, going to work, going to a kid's baseball game and doing everything that a person normally would but without alcohol. With our alcohol addiction treatment being so convenient, it makes it possible for people who otherwise could not detox to do so successfully.

Lifestyle changes

It is also important to make lifestyle choices that help to reduce the desire to drink. Many people are led to drinking because of high stress, for example. If a certain job or family environment is causing this level of stress and anxiety, it is necessary to change the circumstances so that these stress factors are no longer present or at least reduced. Likewise, if a person's social circle is making it more likely they will drink, it is important to make new friends. Whatever the triggers have been, whether it is a person, place, environment or other stress factors, it is necessary to be serious about changing circumstances so these factors are no longer present. Doing so will increase the likelihood that an addict will be able to remain free from alcohol.
When combined with our alcohol addiction treatment, people who make lifestyle changes and commit to remaining sober, have great success in doing so. For help give us a call today.

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