Get Help for Your Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety disorder impacts millions of adults. It is severe and can cause such a hold on a person's life that it makes it impossible to engage in normal daily activities without the burden of incredible amounts of stress, fear, and anxiety. For some, anxiety disorders are so immobilizing that they are unable to continue with healthy relationships, work or to try anything new without a great deal of fear. We are here to help patients to overcome this disorder and to regain their confidence, peace, sense of balance and well-being.

Anxiety disorders are real

There is a common misconception that this is not a true disorder but is simply someone who is stressed or just does not have the ability to cope with life. Some people equate this to feeling nervous before taking a major exam or stage fright that people get when going on stage or making a presentation at work. Some people even relate to the stress a person might feel before going on a blind date or going to a new location for vacation. This is not the case. Those are normal everyday stresses that people are going to experience. It is normal to experience some level of stress or anxiety before taking a test, making a presentation, going on a date or traveling somewhere new. That is a normal and healthy human response. The difference is that those feelings of fear and stress do not grip so tightly that it is impossible to do them. They do not linger to the point of being unable to relax after the event has started or has passed. Instead, they are fleeting or passing moments that eventually subside. Someone with these types of stresses can even give themselves a pep talk or have a conversation with a close family member or friend. This is not the case for those suffering from anxiety disorder. This condition makes it impossible to reason with oneself and to calm oneself down. It also makes it so that many people are immobilized or prevented from engaging in activities because of their level of anxiety and fear. For some, the anxiety does not even dissipate once the event or activity has completed. Instead, the anxiety is pervasive and does not go away.
People with a disorder report:
  • Feeling fearful
  • Being overwhelmed
  • Unable to do things due to fear or stress
  • Having physical symptoms that accompany the anxiety

We can help

This is a terrible way to live. It can literally ruin a person's life by changing how they behave, interact with others and what they do on a daily basis. It is gripping and controlling and cannot be overcome without professional assistance. This is where we come in. We can meet with the patient, conduct an examination and if an anxiety disorder is a diagnosis, we have the tools to treat it. Through medication and therapy, we help patients to regain control of their lives and to begin experiencing things with a positive state of mind and sense of well-being, rather than going through life feeling stressed and fearful.
If this sounds like what you are living on a daily basis, do not delay in seeking help. We are here and together, we can find a way to improve your quality of life and future.

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