Different Types of Opioid Treatment Available

The opioid epidemic has risen within the past few years and it is really important to know what treatment methods are available to people that are struggling with opioid addiction or abuse.

While there are so many people struggling with opioids, it can be beneficial to know what ways it can be treated so that everyone is aware of how they can get help if need be.

Just like with any other addiction or abuse problem, there are a variety of ways that the use of opioids can be treated. Today, we will discuss what these treatment methods are and how they can best benefit a person that might be struggling.

Different types of opioid treatment that are available


The most common type of treatment for opioid use would be medicines - as medicines are commonly the most prescribed method of treatment for any medical issue. Below, the medicines that are most commonly used to treat opioid use are listed:

- Methadone: Treats severe pain as well as narcotic addictions by touching on the same nerves that opioids do - without getting the same high.

- Buprenorphine: Treats pain as well as narcotic addictions as a less dependent drug. It helps to ween a patient off of stronger doses of opioids.

- Naltrexone: Helps prevent relapses with substances such as narcotics and alcohol by removing the high of opioids.

Medicines that are used to treat opioid use do get a lot of backlash because many of them are painkillers in themselves, but a medical professional is able to prescribe these medications in ways that should only help the patient begin recovering.


Therapy for opioid use can help in a number of ways through rebuilding one’s life and confidence without the use of opioids as well as helping a person to feel comfortable to talk about their struggles. There are a few different methods of therapy that exist, and some may be more beneficial to others based on their situation.

Group therapy can help a person feel like they aren’t alone with their abuse or addiction while individual therapy may make a person feel more comfortable with discussing their opioid use. Family therapy is often recommended for people that have brought their families into their opioid use.

While the opioid epidemic has risen, the available methods of treatment that are available to people have also risen. While most people know that treatment exists, they may not actually be aware of what types exist. Knowing and understanding available treatment methods can help a person that might be in need.

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